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Meet Eve

Interview Career Coach

After more than 25 years as a higher education administrator, my purpose has solidified into empowering people to grow professionally through interview and career coaching.

My passion for higher education is why I decided to launch my own business and channel my energy to helping others in this industry through Careers By Eve.

I work exclusively with higher education professionals to prepare them for an intensive interview process by reviewing resumes, conducting practice interviews, and providing input to presentations. This real-time feedback from an expert will strengthen your interviewing skills and bring you confidence by sharpening your answers and improving your presence. 

Over my career, I have had the privilege to sit on both sides of the hiring table. Spending over two decades serving on search committees, often as chair, leading the pursuit to recruit quality senior professionals that fit each institution's unique culture. Conversely, I recruited individuals directly as part of my responsibilities as a hiring manager. 

Personally, I went through progressively rigorous hiring processes as I elevated my own career at some of the largest universities in the country. Competition was always extremely fierce as there is only one Registrar at a college or university which honed my interview knowledge within higher education.

Through individual coaching, I want to give you a competitive advantage to successfully navigate your career as you seek that promotion or discover your transferable skills to transition away from higher education into a new field or industry. Unlike corporate or non-profit businesses, higher education has some unique characteristics to which I am particularly well-versed.

Additionally, my services automatically includes the added benefit of my own proprietary AI-powered technology to practice interview questions or presentations between coaching sessions. This technology increases the ability for you to prepare for any recruitment situation. 

My dedicated objective is always to help others successfully reach their dream career destination.

Let's get started today on your new adventure!

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