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Interview With Confidence Land A Job Faster

How Can I Benefit From Coaching?


Just like elite athletes who train with a coach to perform better, working with a career coach can enhance your interview performance and land that job faster.


The benefits of coaching allow you to:


  • Receive real-time feedback from an expert that will strengthen your skills to interview with confidence by sharpening your answers and improving your presence.

  • And when you work with me, you have the added benefit of my proprietary AI-powered technology to practice interview questions in between our coaching sessions.

  • Invest in yourself today to land a job sooner that will align with your aspirations and values!

Why Use a Coach?

As a coach, I will teach you the skills that you will need to leverage your education and professional experiences in a powerful resume, LinkedIn profile, effective networking strategies and superb interview techniques.

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Benefits of Having a Coach.

Unlike your family & friends, I will have a different perception of you that will resemble someone in a professional environment.  So as your partner on this journey, I will provide you with support that is non-judgemental and offer new perspectives that allows you to explore your desires.  And as you drive toward your goals, we will jointly work on any roadblocks or doubts that might be getting in your way.

When you work with me, you have the advantage since I keep up on the latest trends saving you time and energy from doing the researching yourself.  I have insight into hiring practices and the strategies that help job seekers land that next position.  Unlike people who seek jobs on their own, we will work together to develop a customized plan of action that will personalize your networking strategies, enhance your job seeking skills and foster accountability to increase your productivity.

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Why Work with Eve?

I have had many roles in my 25 years in higher education administration but my most important was at Virginia's largest public university where I had a staff of 40 and a 3.5 million dollar budget.  My teams were uniquely positioned to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations so it was vital that I grew my team members to meet our minimum obligations.

But it was my passion to professionally stretch those team members so they could realize their next career level.  In fact, many individuals on my teams went on to become higher level administrators at other predominant schools or transitioned their careers because of the opportunities for growth that I provided them.

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What Can a Client Expect?

I virtually work with clients from all over the United States by video or phone and look forward to working with professionals interested in an exciting new journey. So take me up on my offer for a complimentary discovery session and let's determine if we have the chemistry to get started on your next adventure.

If you want positive results on your job seeking journey then you must be willing to make a serious commitment to our sessions but also make the investment in your future by taking the necessary time outside of the sessions to develop your portfolio and make those all important networking connections and calls.

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